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Participate in SHNH projects

By donating  

by buying a dedicated bench that will be placed in Lonwood, Briars or the Tomb  

By buying, and doing so by contributing to the production of the bilingual series in 12 volumes “St. Helena, the pitfall of an Empire”

Procedure for transferring to Saint Helena

For all transfers to the Bank of St Helena all the following information is required
1 Sponsor (payer of payment) Name and full address of the sender

to be completed by the client

2 Beneficiary Bank  / Banque bénéficiaire Swift Code BHELSHJJXXX
Currency GBP
Address Bank of St Helena Ltd, Market Street, Jamestown, St Helena, STHL 1ZZ

Beneficiary (Account Holder in St. Helena)

SHNH- Saint Helena Napoleonic Heritage Ltd
The Briars House – St Helena – STHL 1ZZ
Account /Compte n°24405002
In addition, if necessary, the IBAN number of the Bank of Saint Helena is as follows:



Financial institution of the payer

BIC code de la banque du donneur d’ordre

to be completed by the client

5 Intermediary Institution (GBP Correspondent) Swift Code / BIC Code LOYDGB2L
bank address Lloyds Bank PLC (UK International Services), London, United Kingdom

Purpose, reason or nature of the funds transferred

to be completed by the client


Amount transferred (GBP only accepted)

to be completed by the client



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